“This is a fundamental mind shift in the way you see the world and makes a massive difference to life and work."

Phil Gripton, former COO LBi

Breakthrough thinking. Greater focus & productivity. Calmer mind.
A development programme for creative-agency leaders. 

Upping your game through the high-performance mind

It’s long been acknowledged that the mind has a huge impact on individual and team success in sport - in business too the quality of your thinking substantially defines performance. You’ll often hear how leaders need to be open-minded and have the right ‘mindset’, or to think laterally and operate ‘in the zone’. But how to achieve this is not well understood.

Forging the right path ahead is an inspiring idea. But realistically how can you lift your performance to another level? And how do you come up with the right ideas for your business?

It’s a transformation that starts with you. And the work begins at a foundational level - looking at, and developing, your quality of mind.

Key Details

A 3-day programme 28th February - 2nd March 2018 Hampshire, UK, with pre- and post-event coaching. 

​​Places: Limited to 16
Martin Palethorpe

Founder, The Pragma Group
As a long-time leading executive coach, Martin has worked with many CEOs and board members, in businesses ranging from small start-ups to some of the world’s largest organisations. 

He combines his pragmatic business experience with a deep understanding of the human dimension. He’s also an adventurer, having raced to the North Pole and run across three of the world’s largest deserts.

Miles Welch 

Partner, Waypoint Partners 

Waypoint is a growth and M&A advisory firm. Miles has worked with over 100 creative and technology agencies across the UK, Europe, US and Asia, and was named ‘Outstanding Non- executive’ at the Best Business Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Following many years in senior positions at M&A boutiques, Miles later headed several high- growth agencies, including Digitas. 

How this is different 

The approach is different and revolutionary because we don’t work on your behaviours; we don’t explore personality values or beliefs; we don’t teach you to manage or calm your thinking. We teach you, instead, the fundamentals about how your mind works. 

We don’t work on your behaviours
We don’t help you to manage or calm your thinking
We don’t give you ideas or methods to improve your agency
We teach the fundamentals of how your mind works
Once you get this, you access an ability to think and perform at another level for yourself 
This programme shows you the creative power of your own mind

Being able to adapt constantly and move decisively demands clear thinking, focus, strong leadership, confidence and resilience. It’s these qualities that agency leaders need today, more than ever, to steer the right path and create lasting value. Through this programme, you’ll be able to make the changes you want but from the inside out.

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Give yourself & your agency what you need to get to them next level.
Learn from leaders currently transforming businesses like yours.

The programme is based on cutting-edge psychology, neuroscience and ancient wisdom.

Participants report: 

44% increased ability to focus and think with greater clarity.

67% reduction in mental noise.

40% more decisive.
41% more resilient.
36% greater connectivity with others.
Game changer is designed for creative agency leaders:
Who want to be 'in the zone' to perform better.
Improve their leadership ability.
Get breakthrough ideas for the agency.
Maintain a calm mind under pressure.
“This programme is mind-blowing, intuitive, surprising and highly valuable from both a commercial and psychological point of view. I left with a genuinely reformed view of life, business and how I go about both."

Mark Young, Co-founder, Young & Wiser



Ahead of the programme you’ll have a one-to-one session, of two hours duration.  Your session with Martin and Miles will explore what you want from the programme, how you can maximise your results for yourself and your agency.


You’ll then spend three days in an immersive learning experience a deeply challenging yet fascinating and enjoyable workshop alongside other agency leaders.

We’ll present the ideas and insights behind your own transformation whilst drawing on exercises to enable your enquiry. It’s a simple and powerful way of learning. There will also be time set aside for one-to-one conversations to continue to tailor the experience and learning to your personal objectives.


It’s when your three days comes to an end that the journey truly starts. After a few weeks, you’ll sit down once again with Miles and Martin to continue to work on your game-changing thoughts for your agency.

The world will no doubt look and feel different at this point, so we’ll continue to support you in embedding new insights.


Receive a copy ‘Invisible Power, Insight Principles At Work’
Gain access to our Quality of Mind assessment
Gain access to our early bird pricing
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